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There are several artists with the name ‘She’. 1. she (sometimes referred as shemusic or Pjat Lain) is a musical project by Lain Trzaska (born 20 June 1983 in Krakow, Poland), who is a multi-instrumentalist, chiptune artist and producer. Currently residing in Sweden, Lain was born in Poland where he learned to play piano at a very early age. In 1997 he began to take his melody making knowledge from the piano to the computer. He is also known for his unusual art designs and use of music trackers. He is signed to the Pony Canyon label and recently released his new single Make Me Real. He is also the composer for a Dalton Harpe movie: 12 FI OZ.Official TwitterOfficial Facebook pageOfficial website (contains free music downloads)8BitPeoples release 2. She were one of the few all-female garage psychedelic American bands of the 1960s that played their own instruments and wrote their own material, although their official output was limited to one obscure 1970 independent single. She, nonetheless, had a lengthy and somewhat complicated history, beginning in 1964 when guitarist and primary songwriter Nancy Ross formed a teen band with her younger sister Sally on organ in Sacramento, California. Originally known as the Id, they changed their name to the Hairem and did attract some label interest. The Hairem did not officially release any material in the 1960s, but five songs that they recorded did come out on the She CD compilation Wants a Piece of You in 1999. The Hairem played in San Francisco and Sacramento, at both clubs and air force bases, and after several personnel changes, had changed their name to She by the late 1960s. By this point their music had grown more sophisticated, with a greater weight on harmonies and minor-keyed, psychedelic-influenced melodies. They did record an obscure single for Kent in 1970, “Boy Little Boy”/”Outta Reach.” She disbanded in 1971. 3. She were an all-female British NWOBHM band who released 2 singles in the mid-1980s. 4. SHE (an abbreviation of “Sound and Harmonic Electrics”) is an all-female pop band from Indonesia, founded in 2000. The band consists of Melly (vocals), Achi (violins), Adisty (drums), Arnie (bass), Riry (acoustic guitars), Qoqo (electric guitars), and Yayo (keyboards). They released their debut album “Tentang Aku, Kamu, dan Dia” in 2005. They released their second album “Tersenyum Lagi” in May 2007. Their music can be compared to The Corrs. 5. She were a UK indierock band that changed their name to Glitterbox. 6. She is an all-girl band from Sevilla, Spain.Not to be confused with Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. 7. SHE is a hardcore/metal band formed in 2008 from Anchorage and Eagle River, Alaska. SHE’s self-titled debut released in September 2011. Their upcoming EP is to be a split with B-BOI$ on Acid released in early 2012. 8. SHE (a.k.a. Sheila Simmenes), born in Bergen (Norway), is a singer/songwriter. Her music mix hip-hop drums, jazzy vocals and pop with a sprinkle of reggae. With brazilian reggaeband, A Tropa, SHE has worked as a member and songwriter, touring in Brazil, performing live onstage, on tv and on several radio shows, beetwean 2007 and 2009. (Sources: nb-no.facebook.com)http://www.myspace.com/shemusichttp://nb-no.facebook.com/pages/SHE