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Simon McKechnie (pronounced Makeknee) is a composer, arranger and musician who is based in London, UK. His new record Clocks and Dark Clouds will be released on June 17th and features seven new prog rock compositions. His 2011 release London Reborn is a collection of interpretations of beautiful old London Folk songs. The Telegraph saId of London Reborn, ‘The story-songs have freshness and humour about them which is very London.’

Simon has written for BBC television, classical ensembles Golden Section and The Society Of Strange And Ancient Instruments, and written arrangements for Roberto Pla’s Latin Jazz Orchestra. He was the founder, leader and composer of the music for the jazz fusion group Azul. Azul’s 2004 tour with a contemporary dancer was a Guardian Jazz pick of the week their music was regularly heard on BBC Radio3. He also wrote a musical with author Gary Waterman that is based on the life of the 18th century Sephardi prizefighter Daniel Mendoza. This was featured as part of Greenwich Theatre’s Musical Futures festival in 2005.

Simon has also played in a variety of groups including showband ‘Yes Brazil’, in contemporay dancer/singer Nuno Silvas ‘Fado Can Dance’ Show, and in honky-tonk band ‘The Trophy Husbands’.