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Sistar (Hangul: 씨스타, often stylized as SISTAR) is a South Korean girl group formed in 2010 under the management of Starship Entertainment. The group consists of Hyolyn (often written Hyorin), Bora, Soyou and Dasom.


2010: Pre-debut, Push Push, Shady Girl, How Dare You

Sistar began their group activities early on in 2010, before the release of their songs, with commercials.

The group made their official debut with the song "Push Push" on June 2010. The music video teaser for their debut song was released on 1 June 2010. Two days later, on 3 June 2010, Starship released the full music video for Push Push. Sistar had their debut performance the next day at Music Bank (4 June). The song received moderate success and appeared on various charts[vague]. The group wrapped up promotions for their Push Push on 26 July.

The group eventually returned with 2nd single "Shady Girl" on 25 August 2010. The teaser was released on 24 August 2010 and the full music video was released a day later. The video also features Super Junior's member Kim Heechul. The single was well received and charted much higher on various charts than debut single The group also received a lot of media attention when a fan-cam video was uploaded online showing the group filming their performance at the "Let’s Start Sharing Concert" on August 28. During the middle of their performance, member Bora suddenly slipped on stage and fell prompting the other members to stop singing and assist her off stage with the stage-production staff. Several minutes later, Bora returned to stage along with the other members to finish filming their performance. According to Starship Entertainment, the group's management company, she had fractured her thumb and will be treated for the next three weeks. The video went viral in the internet and was featured on G4's online show ‘Attack of the Show', and RTL Television Germany's news segment. At this time[ambiguous] Sistar was beginning to do international advances, performing in other Asian countries. On 14 September Sistar was invited to perform in Japan's "Hallyu Music Festival" as the only Korean girl group present. On 10 October Sistar was in Thailand performing their hit songs "Push Push" and "Shady Girl" on Thailand's "Teen Superstar" show.[citation needed]

The group eventually released their third single, "How Dare You", in November. The music video teaser was released on 23 November. The full music video was originally planned to be released the following day. However, the border skirmish between North and South Korea at Yeonpyeong Island caused the music video to be pushed back almost a week. The full music video was finally released on 2 December. "How Dare You" became a success as it swept the music charts and topped No. 1 various music sites such as MelOn, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, Monkey3, and Daum Music making it their first No. 1 single. On December 9, 2010, the group attended the Golden Disk Awards, being awarded with the Newcomer Award. On December 17, 2010, Sistar won their first Music Bank award for the single.

2011: Sistar19 and So Cool

Sistar wrapped up their final rounds of "How Dare You" promotions in mid-January. On 27 April it was announced that Sistar will be debuting a sub-unit, Sistar19 with members Hyolyn and Bora. The teaser for their debut song "Ma Boy" was released on 29 April 2011, and the full music video on 2 May 2011. They released their digital single, titled "Ma Boy", on 3 May. Sistar19 had their debut performance on M! Countdown on 5 May 2011.[citation needed]

On 31 July it was reported that Sistar would be returning with their first official album on 9 August, titled "So Cool". In addition to the news, it was also reported that member Soyou lost 8 kilograms (18 lb) in preparation for their comeback. Starship Entertainment stated that "fans can look forward to a more charismatic side of Sistar". Upon the launch of Billboard K-POP Top 100 on 25 August 2011, Sistar clinched first position for their title track, "So Cool", topping other various popular groups. On 11 September they won their first Mutizen Award at Inkigayo beating out other 'Take 7' nominees.

2012: Alone & Loving U

In March member Soyou tweeted about their eventual return to the music scene approximately 8 months after the release of So Cool. Starship representatives have stated that the group's comeback is "very different from what they've done before".

In early April it was announced that Sistar was going to broadcast their comeback showcase globally in 41 countries. They made their comeback on 12 April with a mini album containing six songs, titled Alone. The title track, "Alone", is described to have a strong sound, as Brave Brothers, who has produced each of their songs since their debut, has reported to "try out a new style and sound specifically for the group".[citation needed]

Promotions began following the release of their album, as they performed Alone on various music shows. In part of their special comeback performances, they have also performed "Lead Me".

On June 11 Starship has announced that Sistar will not be resting and will be making a summer comeback with a dance track. Representatives confirmed, "After making a retro transformations with 'Alone', the girls will be going back to show their characteristic charms this summer. It's a song that maximizes their uniqueness." Sistar will be re-entering the market while their hit song "Alone" is still on live charts. Sistar will making their comebacks alongside the music industries best idol groups such as Big Bang, Wonder Girls, After School and 2NE1.

Leader Hyolyn's teaser pictorial was released on 21 June along with a Starship representative revealing that their comeback date was slated for 28 June. Until then, Starship plans to periodically release the other member's teasers. Their comeback, titled "Loving U" is reported to be a "fun charismatic summer dance track" that fully showcases the members' individual charms. The music video is said to have been shot on the sunny beaches of Hawaii.

The album contains the title track, "Loving U", produced by Double Sidekick, one new song "Holiday" and remixes of the groups' past hits (Alone, Ma Boy, So Cool, How Dare You and Push Push).

Sistar released the music video of "Loving U" on 28 June 2012. Shortly after its release, "Loving U" achieved an "all-kill" by topping all major online music charts in South Korea.

2013: Give It to Me

In December leader Hyolyn hinted at the event "A Walk with the Stars" that they were preparing for their comeback. On 24 December news were released that Sistar19 is gearing a comeback early next year in January.

On 23 January teasers for Sistar19 comeback were released and revealed that they will comeback with a single album. Starship said that "the girls put their best into this to give back to their fans’ support. They will show you their best, not only in music but in all areas." Sistar19 released their first single album and the MV for the title track Gone Not Around Any Longer on 30 January. Upon its release "Gone Not Around Any Longer" swept the music charts, topping all music charts. It went on to hit Melon's roof and achieved a certified perfect all-kill from Instiz for two consecutive weeks. On 21 February Sistar's leader, Hyolyn, stated that they are going to prepare for Sistar's second studio album after they've done with Sistar19's promotions.

Prior to the release of their second studio album, it was revealed that the girls had signed an endorsement deal with the aquatic theme park "Ocean World" and served as its front line models, emphasizing Sistar's high energy and healthy body image.

On June 3 Starship Entertainment's official Twitter account released a teaser image of member Bora. Along with the photo was a statement that it would be Sistar's second full album, Give It To Me, set to be released on June 11. On June 5th Starship Entertainment's official Twitter account released a teaser image of all 4 members, saying that they would be going for the Moulin Rouge theme.

Sistar represented South Korea on 26 October 2013 at ABU TV Song Festival 2013 in Hanoi, Vietnam performing title track from their latest album "Give It To Me".

Hyolyn Solo debut

According to Starship Entertainment, even though the girls were given a break after the promotions for "Give It To Me" ended, it's been reported that Hyolyn has been coming to the practice room every single day to practice her dancing with a famous dance teacher. Her label said, "For Hyolyn's solo debut, the image she chooses will be more important than the timing of her release. We're going to put out her solo project only when she's fully ready." On 20th November 2013, the teaser for the music video, Lonely, was released. On 21st November 2013, the teaser for the music video, One Way Love, was released.


Stage name Birth name
Romanized Hangul Romanized Hangul
Hyolyn 효린 Kim Hyo Jung 김효정
Bora 보라 Yoon Bora 윤보라
Soyou 소유 Kang Ji Hyun 강지현
Dasom 다솜 Kim Dasom 김다솜


A subgroup, Sistar19, debuted in 2011, with Sistar's main vocalist Hyolyn and rapper Bora. A single, "Ma Boy", was released in May 2011. "Gone Not Around Any Longer" was released in January 2013. The single hit number one on all major Korean music charts.

The subgroup’s name is “SISTAR19″ because "the duo’s theme is based on the feelings of a 19 year old girl transitioning into a ripe woman. The duo will perform music that represents the innocence and anxiety of a 19 year old as their songs have a central theme of love."


Studio albums
  • 2011 : So Cool
  • 2013 : Give It to Me
Extended plays
  • 2012 : Alone
  • 2012 : Loving U
Single albums
  • 2010 : Push Push
  • 2010 : Shady Girl
  • 2010 : How Dare You



  • 2012: Femme Fatale
  • 2013: Live Concert: S
  • 2014: Live Concert: S - Hong Kong



Year Show Member(s) Notes Episode(s)
2011 Immortal Song 2 Hyolyn Original cast member and reappeared in episode 25 for a "King of Kings" special ep 1–15 & 25
Sistar & LeeTeuk's Hello Baby Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom Raising 15-month old toddler, Kim Kyu-min
Invincible Youth 2 Bora G8 member
2012 Dream High 2 Hyolyn Hyolyn stars as the leader of girl group HershE
Running Man Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom ep 75 & 95
Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom Guest with Miss A ep 161
Shut Up Family Dasom This sitcom marks Dasom's debut as an actress. She plays a two faced high school student, Woo Da Yoon
1 Night 2 Days Bora First female guest for 1N2D's second season ep 19
Immortal Song 2 Hyolyn "King of Kings" Special ep 71 & 72
Shinhwa Broadcast Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom "I Love You More Studio" Special ep 45 & 46
Infinite Challenge Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom Infinite Company 8th Anniversary - The Musical #2 ep 332
Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom Archery Rival Match with 4minute ep 188
Mamma Mia Dasom, Soyou ep 10 & 27
1 Night 2 Days Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom Guest, Bokbulbok Festival Part 2 ep 444
Immortal Song 2 Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom DJ DOC and Choi Jinhee Specials
Running Man Hyolyn, Bora, Dasom ep 162 & 174
Melody of Love Dasom Dasom plays the role of Gong Deul Im who is an aspiring musical actress Currently airing
Music Bank Bora MC with Park Seo-Joon October 25, 2013 ― present
Fashion King Korea Bora Contestant, runner-up
The Great Marriage Soyou Soyou’s parents-in-law in the show were the famous singer couple, Kim Tae Hwa and Jung Hoon Hee ep 10 ― 22 (end)
Real Men Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou Christmas Special with Miss A
2014 Immortal Song 2 Hyolyn Rival Special
Midnight in Hong Kong with Sistar Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou Y-STAR special broadcast


Date Names of Performances Place
23 Aug 2011 K-POP Girls in Love in Power LIVE in HK 2011 Hong Kong
11 Feb 2011 HP ENVY Seoul
17 Apr 2011 MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2011 Thailand
13 Aug 2011 Kpop in Incheon 2011 Incheon
20 Aug 2011 K-POP in Japan Japan
22 Oct 2011 K-POP in New York New York
28 Oct 2011 2011 K-POP SUPER CONCERT Korea
12 Nov 2011 K-POP Music Festival in Sydney Sydney
20 Nov 2011 K-Friends 2011 Taipei TaiWan
8 Feb 2012 Music Bank in Paris Paris
6 Apr 2012 Music Bank in Vietnam Vietnam
7 Apr 2012 MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2012 Thailand
26 Apr 2012 M!CountDown Hello-Japan Japan
12 May 2012 Dream Concert 2012 Seoul
21 May 2012 MBC Korean Music Wave in Google California Shoreline Amphitheatre
1 Aug 2012 SBS Super Concert California Irvine
4 Oct 2012 One Asia Tour 2012 M! Countdown Smile – Thailand Thailand
20 Oct 2012 Love Concert in Kobe
10 Nov 2012 K-Pop Super Concert in America California amphitheater irvine
8 Dec 2012 Ride-ing Concert
31 Jan 2013 Television Broadcasts (TVB) Golden Viva Spectacular in Korea Seoul Student Gymnasium
9 Mar 2013 Music Bank in Jakarta Indonesia
30 Mar 2013 SISTAR & TAHITI Concert in Phnom Penh (Koh Pich Theater) Cambodia
24 Apr 2013 M! Countdown Hello Taiwan Taiwan
23–24 May 2013 KPOP Dream Live Concert LIVE in Malaysia 2013 Malaysia


In the 2012 list of stars with the most CFs, Sistar as an entire group were in 3rd place. The members were models to a total of 14 different brands including cosmetics, cars and soju.

Year Commercial Members Note
2010 Plastic Island All Until 2013
Samsung YEPP with Jang Keun-suk
Chrono's Sword
Samsung Galaxy Tab
2011 Dizzle Game
Banila Co Hyolyn
2012 CLRIDE.N All
Hyundai Veloster Turbo
Solar C
Pelicana Chicken
Holika Holika with Jung Il Woo
Samsung Galaxy S III
Lotte Liquor Hyolyn Until 2013
Haemoramin Bora
Mirror War All
Korando C
Let's Be Cafe
2013 Nepa Isenberg with Seo In-guk
Ocean World
White Milk
Clarisonic Bora Until 2014, with Yoo Yeon-seok



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