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Atmospheric. Naïve. Sweetly detuned. Sofiabukarest is an electronic music project by Hermanni Keko. Even though mainly working in the frame of electronic music, Sofiabukarest draws from rich variety of acoustic instruments such as accordion and cello, all the way to obscure little samples and field recordings. Even if the songs appear melodic, the main focus is always on sound and texture, and that is exactly the reason for the depth and warmth in the music.

The songs are always deeply layered with rich variety of ambient-like samples and sounds. If the world is cold, blank and plastic-like, Sofiabukarest brings you the opposite, the world of spirit and mysticism.

The debut album “mother of ten thousand things” was released by Crummy Kids in June 2012. Second album called “Spirit” will be out in late 2013 on the same label.