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The name, Some Internal Damage, came up after a brainstorming session on a rainy evening. “We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed” after another tiresome and copious rehearsal, so we decided to chill out and get a breath on Manos’ couches listening to the first drum recording takes. The liqueur was really strong and sweet and our spirits were high. It started as a joke and various names started pouring in like the rain outside. But nothing really fitted like we wanted it to, like it was supposed to.

We were nearly desperate, and ready to call it a day. When, suddenly, after a hundred or so different names-ideas, the Holy Spirit [for lack of a better term or definition] came down to our humble meeting place, in the shape of a weary old lady with deep and inquisitive eyes, sat next to us, and uttered the following words in a calm and mellow voice. Words we will never forget:

“You boys should have a name that speaks of the human weaknesses and flaws, of the pain that is hidden inside each and every human creature that has walked, walks, or is about to walk on this God forsaken planet. A name that tells of the damage done by so many generations of wrong-doings and mistakes. The silent enemy that sleeps in every man’s mind and spirit and commands his every move without him knowing it, or being able to reason on it. It’s the ghost that every soul carries within itself, the shadow over each mind. It cannot be named though, because of the terror it will unleash to the hearts of men, and therefore, you will be called… SOME INTERNAL DAMAGE.

A name that tells everything and nothing…”

We were left speechless… looking at each other with blank eyes. The old lady left the house as silently and discreetly as she has entered –God knows how she did that in the first place. After some time -we couldn’t know how long it took us to get over this sighting (?), or vision (?)-, we took another bottle of liqueur and toasted on our name as a band… We were officially baptized, and nobody could or should say otherwise.