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Logan Soper (born April 24th, 1989, O’Neil, Nebraska) is an indie-rock icon known in obscure circles as Sopedawg. His solo works include Mix 1.0 (2007), Mix 3.0 (2007), Mix 4.0 (2007), Mix 5.0 (2008), Mix 6.0 (2008), Mix 6.9 (2008), Mix 7.0 (2008), and several singles.

Soper knew fellow Pavement fan Aaron Norberg (aka slowdownVA) since childhood in Brandon, South Dakota. Soper attended Brandon Valley High School where Norberg is also an honorary alumnus.

Soper currently resides in Brookings, South Dakota, with his roommate Dan Spitznagel.

Most recently Soper released Sopedawg’s latest album, Mix 9.0 - the Night mix. Rumor, like motion, suggests that Mix 10.0 - the Sleep mix, is under progress already.