«SoundArcade» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

SoundArcade is a progressive rock band, formed in 2002 and hailing from Rīga, Latvia. Their music features influences ranging from Latvian folk music to structures of progressive rock but is often heavier and more dream-like.

Many things have impacted on the band’s music, for instance medieval motives of paganism and Christianity and how it has blended into our culture ever since the Livonian Brothers of the Sword came to their home country in 12th century. Or in contrast - spaghetti westerns, as those were the only adventure movies Latvians could see as kids growing up in the former Soviet Union. The general style of the band dwells under such labels as atmospheric rock, post-hardcore, psychedelic rock, folk music and art rock.

“The labels are always a bit trendsetting but in this case not too far off the truth,” says the Finnish webzine, Overhookmusic.

Current lineup consists of:

Mārtiņš Ābols - vocals, keyboards;

Lauris Ābele - guitar;

Raitis Ābele - guitar;

Jānis Zāle - bass guitar;

Gints Spole - drums.