«Спенс» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Spens, a.k.a. Stanislav Naidenov, is one of the most famous Bulgarian Hip-Hop artists. He was born in Pleven on October 13, 1975. As a high school student he would record amateur songs using nothing but a synthesizer and tape deck. After graduation in 1994, he moved to the capital city of Sofia to pursue studies Computer Information Technologies. He also actively pursued his interest in music and managed to meet a number of like-minded people who changed his path as an artist forever.

During that time he created the duo named Tim ot Dim (Smoke Team), along with Slim - another well-known rapper and friend of his, but his break did not come until 1998 when he met DJ Stancho, the biggest hip-hop DJ in Bulgaria. When it came to music they immediately felt a chemistry and started working on numerous projects together. Being well-established, DJ Stancho helped Spens appear and perform at numerous jam-packed events throughout the country.