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Originally born in Haifa, Israel, Ron Bercovitch moved to Toronto, Canada at the age of four. He was brought up traditionally, enjoying a typical childhood. Surprisingly, he was not drawn to music until he was 16. He disliked and avoided music while growing up. It was not until his brother introduced him to EDM that he started to develop an understanding and appreciation for music. The genre of Trance, with its’ increasing popularity became Ron’s favourite type of music, and his love for this music led him to collect the famous Trancemaster compilations.

In the years that followed, Ron began to develop an interest in the production of trance. Influenced by artists such as Vincent De Moor, M.I.K.E, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Solar Stone and Gabriel and Dresden to name the least, Ron began studying and practicing in his soon to be Home Studio. After spending countless hours of experimenting and refining, Ron unveiled his first release, under the alias of Solarium.

A darker style of trance, his first track Venice Under Water was picked up by Armadas Club Elite label and remixed by M.I.K.E where it became an instant success and was later featured on M.I.K.E.’s mix CD, Antwerp 2005.

The success of his first release led to another two releases, each being equally successful. The second release, White Noise, under the alias Electric Pulse, was featured on DJ Tiesto’s mix CD, In Search of Sunrise 4, featuring its main room style of trance.

Ron’s third release, featuring Michelle Smith and under the alias Summer Sessions was remixed by Tim Stark (of Rapid Eye) and Andy Perring (Pulser) which are known as Haylon. Blossom gained worldwide support and was hammered by many top international DJs. It was featured on Solar Stone’s mix album Destinations and The Thrillseekers mix album Night Music. Blossom also hit the top 5 charts of many DJs including Ferry Corsten and Above and Beyond.

Currently Ron is finishing Computer Business studies in College, but will always have Trance as his first priority. Expect new things from Ron as he’ll constantly be on the production line, thinking of new ideas.