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SUNAIVOD ‘sun-i-vod’ is Remy Dovianus (1984) from Lelystad, The Netherlands - SUNAIVOD’s first track was made for the popular UK band Enter Shikari for their ‘No Sleep Tonight’ Remix Competition and came out as a winner on their website @ 27th Oct. ‘09. This track is released on a limited 12” Vinyl called “Enter Shikari Remixes 12” including 2 other No Sleep Tonight Remixes which can soon be bought @ their online store: www.entershikari.com. This remix-competition is a good kickstart for a music-project which just saw daylight. Remy (SUNAIVOD) played in several rock/metal-bands since ‘96 and won several prices in a short period + recorded an album at a young age which had good rates in several mag’s + live videoclips on local tv (Ambiossis: 2003-2005). Besides bands, Remy programmed beats/sounds at an early age and decided (sept ‘09) to make a project out of it. SUNAIVOD’s sound is recognized by Remy’s self-developed way of easy listening guitarriffing / processing + raw organic beats, most tracks include crazy crossovers of different electronic genre’s with live guitars. SUNAIVOD’s debut-album will probably be finished somewhere @ late 2010.