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Tartak (Ukrainian: Тартак [tɑrˈtɑk]) is a popular hip-hop/rapcore/alternative crossover band from Ukraine. They mix styles of guitar rock, hip-hop and dance music to produce an energetic compositions and lyrics.


Sashko Polozhynskyi founded the group in the Fall of 1996 in Lutsk, Ukraine.

The group has released five albums with a total of 74 songs and 9 videos. Tartak's songs "Ni Ya Ne Tu Kokhav" and "Stilnykove Kohannia" stayed on the Top 40 charts for 144 days and 75 days respectively. Tartak was one of the bands that performed during the events of the Orange Revolution as seen in the picture to the right.

"Tartak" means woodsaw in Ukrainian. Sashko thought that tartak symbolized something energetic, loud, active, and hence appropriate for a band name.

The true founder of Tartak was Vasyl Zinkevytch jr., a friend of Sashko. Bohdan Zinkevych came up with the name. Vasyl came up with the idea and put together the group; he also arranged the rehearsals since his father is a famous singer he has access to studios, so they could make records. At the beginning they were struggling because their lyrics weren't a success and the soloist (Vasyl Zinkevych) had no voice for lyrics they wrote. Sashko soon made changes because for a long time he was trying to make a place for himself in the show business. In the late 90's Sashko was making his way as a showman on the concerts, parades, and other musical events! when his fame actually came to him he claimed that the idea of Tartak was his idea.


Studio Albums

  • 2001 - Demo grafichnyi vybukh
  • 2003 - Systema nerviv
  • 2004 - Muzychnyi lyst shchastia
  • 2005 - Huliai-Horod
  • 2006 - Slyozy ta sopli
  • 2010 - Opir materialiv
  • 2012 - Simka

Remix Albums

  • 2005 - Pershyi komertsiynyi
  • 2007 - Kofein
  • 2010 - Nazbyralosia na 2010 - remiksi+rimeyki+nevidane


  • 2006 - Ukrayino, zabyvay!


  • 2006 - Zaklipani pisni abo bachyly ochi shcho kupuvaly
  • 2007 - Dlia tekh kto v puti