«The Crossed» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Hometown : Krasnoyarsk, Russian

Genre : Progressive Metal/Mathgrind/Mathcore/Experimental

Band members :

Stefan : Vocals

Michael : Drums

Roman : Guitar

Andrew : Bass

“The Crossed” was founded in January, 2011. Till that moment this group was known as “Five Minutes Alone”. In the period of two years the band had released a self-made single called “The Interpretation of the Law ” and also an EP called “Doris’ Temptation ”. The main band’s music and lyrics’ aim is both to Create something new and to follow the concept of one particular subject. The main idea of the “Doris’ Temptation” EP was based on a real clinical record that was published in 1915 by Walter Franklin Prince (The Doris Case of Multiple Personality). Doris Fisher had five personalities and the EP includes five songs about each of them. The music was really hard and incredible – guys had used “killing” tapping, chaotic riffs and atmospheric samples to make the EP sound great. Nevertheless, all bands live both positive and negative moments during their biographies: bass-guitarist left the band to take part in other project (Math Marriage: Abel and Krell). It was not too difficult to find new bass-man, but very soon he was conscripted. Guys decided to wait his comeback. Soon, guys decided to change the band’s name. “The crossed”- this name is supposed to protect the band from mortal esprits, because the Hell is a new topic of the band’s oeuvre. Guys were inspired by “Divine Comedy” - Dante Alighieri’s most famous book and decided to show the Paradise and all circles of the Hell in their new album. From song to song the sound will be harder and harder and the atmosphere will be absolutely suppressive! All songs will be full of heart-rending horrible episodes. The mixture of different music styles will make the atmosphere of each song absolutely unbelievable. So, cross the Hell and find yourself in each of its circle! The Crossed: “The album was recorded not only to make people listen, but also to make them act and to make them be happier”