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The Fresh & Onlys are an American rock band. They were formed in San Francisco in 2008 by Tim Cohen of Black Fiction, bassist Shayde Sartin and guitarist Wymond Miles. A year later they recruited drummer Kyle Gibson. They are a key band in what has been described as San Francisco's "new garage rock" movement, but their sound is equally aligned with pastoral psychedelia, brooding new wave, western twang, and jangly literate 80's guitar pop.

The band's catalog has found homes on several record labels including Woodsist, Captured Tracks, In The Red, Sacred Bones, and Castle Face. Their most recent work has been released by Mexican Summer including the full length Long Slow Dance released in September 2012, followed by the Soothsayer EP in late 2013.


  • The Fresh & Onlys (Castle Face, 2008)
  • Grey-Eyed Girls (Woodsist, 2009)
  • August In My Mind EP (Captured Tracks, 2010)
  • Play It Strange (In the Red, 2010)
  • Secret Walls EP (Sacred Bones, 2011)
  • Long Slow Dance (Mexican Summer/Souterrain Transmissions, 2012)
  • Soothsayer EP (Mexican Summer, 2013)
  • House Of Spirits (Mexican Summer, 2014)