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The Goodnight (formerly Goodnight Sunrise) is an American pop rock band formed November 2006 in Helena, Montana while members were attending high school.


The band released their first EP mixed by Ron Saint Germaine, "Close and Counting" on October 25th, 2007. "After the equivalent of a college education on the road with hundreds of shows, well over a dozen independent tours, and a first-hand introduction to the DIY approach at the music industry, Goodnight Sunrise made their exodus to Los Angeles in 2010."

"Starting with a tour the week of some members’ high school graduation, the band’s first few years on the road undeniably refined their direction and focus, preparing them to write songs that are the product of the honesty and work ethic that were essential for taking the project outside of their home state of Montana."

On April 28, 2009, Goodnight Sunrise released a cover of Jessica Simpson's "With You" as a part a compilation distributed by Destiny Worldwide called "Rockin' Romance."

Goodnight Sunrise's second EP, "Stop, Drop, & Roll," produced by guitarist Justin Benner was released in Japan through Twilight Records on June 10th, 2009 and on June 23rd, 2009 in the United States. The EPs release was followed by a national tour with piano-rock band The Real You as well as several regional tours throughout the Northwestern United States.

After relocating to Los Angeles, the band began playing with drummer Tim Spier, formerly from the band Say No More before releasing the "Acoustic Sessions EP" on January 11th, 2011.

Band members

Current line-up
  • Dan Murphy – vocals, guitar
  • Justin Benner – guitar, backing vocals
  • Miles Franco – bass guitar
  • Tim Spier – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Past members
  • Sam Smetana – bass guitar
  • Mike Ogle – drums, percussion, backing vocals



  • Close and Counting (2007)
  1. "It's The Stare"
  2. "Routine and Dollar Signs"
  3. "Sideshow Entertainment"
  4. "Champions of the Weekend"
  5. "To A New Hour"
  6. "Routine and Dollar Signs (Acoustic Remix)"
  • Stop, Drop, & Roll (2009)
  1. "Trophy Girls"
  2. "On Your Birthday"
  3. "Leave The Ground"
  4. "Queso, I Have an Idea"
  5. "Tell Me If I'm Wrong"
  6. "Spirit Fingers"
  7. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
  • Acoustic Sessions (2011)
  1. "Queso, I Have an Idea (Acoustic)"
  2. "Tell Me if I'm Wrong (Acoustic)"
  3. "Wouldn't Change A Thing (Acoustic)"

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