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MEET THE MONOPHONES A band is not just a band. It enlightens story and history through music. The Monophones is a synergy to capture and represent the time passage into an album of reminiscence. This band was born in the summer of 2003. Before everything was just begun, The Beatles was the one we played through several music performances. Then we started to make our own songs. We melt several names such as The Carpenters, Maureen Kelly, Petula Clark, The Mamas and Papas, Jefferson Airplane, several Indonesian retro musician such as Bimbo, Teti Kadi, or Lex Trio, and etc, into our music. We did several experimental sessions to create such a joyful sense here and there. Here we are now, one of a modern living band that plays the adorable retro sounds. On our fine planting space, we try to enrich this modern living by once joyful colors. We hope you may share a minute of your broad time to remind about your golden past memory. Love us, and you may find the vivid harmony in every song we’ve made. It’s not just a swing pop, psychedelic sense, over exciting reverb, ambience of the hall, or whatever it is called. Just name it yourself… Here, we also try to raise the indie pop sub-culture parades in our country. We believe in the concept of d.i.y or die, that make us freely exploit our aesthetic expression and creativity to develop our music. We are proud to be the part of this movement.