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“The Murderous Mistake” - Undefined

It is finished … - on 27.10.2007, the new album, “Undefined” from the Bad Waldsee Electronic rock band “The Murderous Mistake” was released to great acclaim.

The album’s title could not be better, because The Murderous Mistake manages to cover in these 16 songs a wide genre of electronic music, without being boring or predictable. From danceable techno and trance-fast guitar-based approach to hard rock song is all there. This is a mix of synth and guitar elements that you get to hear this kind are rare.

Influences from the Gothic and New Wave movements merge with subtle blues elements and driving metal riffs. To indulge in the luxury of TMM three voices. In addition to front man Heiko Woldemar Schemet Munster Munster and Silvia are partially turn on the microphone. Order to provide for constant variety in the vocal tracks in the form of three different voices. Critical and rhetorically sophisticated text round out the overall concept of the album.

In answer to my question, with which popular band to the Baden-Wuerttemberg could compare because musically, I got no response. “Just indefinable” - all according to the current CD track. Was deliberately omitted on a uniform style to reflect the full range of musical creation.

The band is now in 14 years. Released with the new album, “Undefined” the Waldseer their third CD. The greatest success they have won in 2002 with their song “Burning Babylon” which was published on nearly 15,000 silver discs. At present this song in the new and revised version 2006’er is again found in the charts on many music sites on the Internet. Even the fans of computer games should be known to the band - then they would provide, among other things, the songs on the current PC game “home game Handball Manager 2008”.

With her new album, the band members are now hoping to an even greater number of listeners and fans, and of course win some potential buyers. For financing, advertising and studio productions are still denied from its own resources of the musicians. Despite offers from music producer and label it, the band in the past, always to remain independent and not bound by contract. Of course there are sufficient sales labels, where the band’s albums can be ordered online.

It is this mobility of it is thanks to that part of the songs of Bad Waldsee Heiko Münster, Münster, Silvia, Dominik Bollivo, Stephanie gardener, Woldemar Schemet, Peter Torresin and Munich’s lead guitarist Conny Schmidt Leistner www.the on their website -murderous-mistake.de free available for download. They will also listen to the way the current song.