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Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The aptly titled, “WHEN THE NEW WEARS OFF”, is the 2012 album from Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s The Only Sons. The 10-song offering represents TOS at their leanest - as a three piece with contributions on piano & vocals by fellow Murfreesboro musicians Joey & Kelly Kneiser (Glossary). The album explores an early 70’s rock sound that ranges from the highly influential Big Star to Rod Stewart’s classic first solo efforts.

While the album is steeped in 1970’s production from the use of phasers, 12-string guitars, wurly pianos and the enormous sounding rhythm section of Blake Loftis (drums) & Jonathan Merritt (bass), it is far from a retro rock album. Kent Goolsby (guitar/vocals) maintains a youthful, and at times naive, outlook - from the wannabe lover of “Bully” - “When you got hitched, I got stoned - being your best friend,baby, makes me feel so alone…” - to the reflective lyric “I’ll be young until the day I die…”, from the album’s center-piece slowjam “Untie The String”.

There is a ragged openness to the Ron Wood inspired guitar work that rounds out the sound - from the wall-of-feedback opener “Devil’s Circus” to the jangly melody of “None Braver”. The Only Sons have never sounded more like themselves. Sure, “WHEN THE NEW WEARS OFF” is a different TOS album, but if this album isn’t for you, maybe the next will be.