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Innovative new french duo “THE PREACHERS OF TWILIGHT” release

their debut three track 12”single featuring “ON THE RAZOR EDGE”,

“GUST”, and a stunning cover of Bowie ‘s “SCREAM LIKE A BABY”in UK.

on Monday December 12 (1988) (Sedition records/Pinnacle Distribution).

THE PREACHERS are twenty three year old GARANCE DANIEL (vocal/keyboards) and guitarist/bassist ASTLLY LAURENT,aged twenty two.The Duo met last year when LAURENT’ S band “THE HILL’ S PREACHING ” supported ” THE SILENT AGE” fronted by Daniel at a gig in Paris.Daniel has been with Silent Age since its inception in October 85.Although the band established a real cult following , Daniel was unhappy with the bands musical direction and welcomed the opportunity to established a new and original creative force.

The pair found a common musical meeting point in current bands such as THE MISSION and SISTERS OF MERCY with earlier influences coming from the likes of KING CRIMSON , GENESIS and YES .Says Daniel ” Our music is anything but instant , but it has an identity and character of its own. Discipline and chaos co-exist side by side . Delve into the music into the sounds and you will find it growing more every time you listen. Lyrics are very important to us , we aim to create a trance like state investigating the planets natural elements and mysteries.

Although the band received tremendous support and live acclaim in France, they decided that because of their Gothic influences and roots they would be better suited basing themselves in Great-Britain.

In August the Duo recorded and produced the new single at AQUARIUS STUDIOS in GENEVA prior to moving to London in late September .Now signed to SEDITION RECORDS, THE PREACHERS are currently preparing material for their debut album before commencing a series of UK dates in January and February(1989).