«The Ritchie Success» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

The Ritchie Success was founded in 2004 by the guitarist Martin Kontra (ex Spanish Fly’s, Prohrála v kartách, etc.) and the bassist Martin Růžička (also in Sketa Fotr). The basic duo was the center around which the rest of the lineup appeared: the drummer (and visual artist) Jan Kotík, the keyboardist Ben Tuček – an accomplished director, and, finally, the Swiss singer (and actor) Phillip Schenker. After the premature death of Jan Kotík the band has been playing with two guest drummers, Michal Stančík and Tomáš Marvan. Currently the band is playing with the drummer Matouš Řeřicha.

The jumble of influences and genres that meet in the sound of The Ritchie Success is as varied as the pasts of the individual band members. What we hear is Einstürzende Neubauten, Devo, Butthole Surfers, or even Stereolab. While psychedelic rock meets aggressive, hard electronica, industrial looms menacingly at the background; there are traces of krautrock, but sometimes all calms down almost to trip-hop. The Ritchie Success released their debut album, Chloroform, with the renowned Ondřej Ježek participating in the production and engineering of the record.