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The songs posted here, though recorded over several days during a Pennsylvania blizzard in January of 2010, have their origins in the summer of 2009. Clay approached me about jamming out some “songs” he had written, mostly post-rock guitar riffs and melodies that we figured we could work out on guitar. I played drums during that session, and we generally liked what we heard. Over the course of that summer and breaks from college, a “band” started to take form from Clay’s brainchild. Evan Conaway, our dear friend and bassist, soon joined to fill out the songs with some low end thunder and provide sonic insight to our little project. We were writing instrumental songs in my parent’s basement, giving them the names of dead rappers (preemptively), upsetting the neighbors with our noise, and having a blast doing it. In the end, we decided to track some songs with very minimal recording gear, and the final product amounts to four songs we’re proud of and excited to share. Thanks for listening. -Cory, The Scattered Calm