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Second Coming generally refers to the Second Coming of Christ but may also refer to:

In religion

  • Second Coming (LDS Church)
  • The Next Master of the Aetherius Society, which believes that a "Great Cosmic Being" will come to Earth from another planet to guide mankind into the New Age

In media and entertainment


  • The Second Coming, a 1992 film directed by Blair Underwood


  • Second Coming (band), a band from the Seattle, Washington area
    • Second Coming (Second Coming album)
  • Second Coming (Dickies album), 1989
  • Second Coming (Shotgun Messiah album), 1991
  • Second Coming (Stryper album)
  • The Second Coming (Adina Howard album)
  • The Second Coming (Little Richard album)
  • The Second Coming (Kiss video)
  • Second Coming (The Stone Roses album), 1994
  • The Second Coming (TQ album), 2000
  • The Second Coming, a reissue of Ghost Opera by Kamelot
  • "The Second Coming", a song by Juelz Santana


  • The Second Coming (Masterson novel), a 2000 novel by Andrew Masterson
  • The Second Coming (Percy novel), a 1980 novel by Walker Percy
  • "The Second Coming" (poem), a 1920 poem by William Butler Yeats
  • The Second Coming: A Leatherdyke Reader, a book edited by Patrick Califia and Robin Sweeney
  • 'Salem's Lot or Second Coming, a 1975 novel by Stephen King


  • "The Second Coming" (Heroes), a 2008 episode of the NBC TV drama Heroes
  • "The Second Coming" (The Sopranos), an episode of the American television series The Sopranos
  • The Second Coming (TV serial), a British television drama starring Christopher Eccleston

See also

  • Broly: Second Coming, a Dragon Ball Z movie
  • The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, a 2000 biography of the Apple, Inc. founder
  • X-Men: Second Coming