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The Soundtrack of Our Lives were an alternative rock band which formed in 1995 in Göteborg, Sweden. The band consisted of Ebbot Lundberg (vocals), Mattias Bärjed (guitar, vocals), Ian Person (guitar, percussion, vocals), Åke Karl Kalle Gustafsson (Bass, violin, vocals), Martin Hederos (keyboards) and Fredrik Sandsten (drums). Most of the band’s members were formerly members of the influential Swedish punk band Union Carbide Productions. The band had three very successful records in Sweden before their critically acclaimed breakthrough US release in 2001, Behind The Music, which was nominated for the Best Alternative Album award at the 2003 Grammy Awards. Led by singer Ebbot Lundberg, they were influenced by sixties rock giants like The Who and The Doors and seventies psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd. Known for their marathon live shows and crazy on-stage antics, Q magazine named them as one of the “50 Bands To See Before You Die” in September of 2002. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) used their song Big Time as one of Wrestlemania 21’s theme songs in 2005. “Big Time”, along with Mother One Track Mind, was featured on the Gran Turismo 4 soundtrack. They toured the US in 2005 with friends Oasis in support of their album Origin Vol. 1. Their last album Throw it to the Universe was released in April 2012, followed by a farewell tour which saw the band play their last concert in Stockholm in December 22, 2012