«The Telnyuk Sisters» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

The Telnyuk Sisters (Ukrainian: Тельнюк:Сестри) is a Ukrainian vocal duo, Merited Artist of Ukraine Lesya and Halya Telnyuk.

Among achievements - studio albums, theatrical performances, Vasyl Stus Prize for the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian culture.

The repertoire the duo`s songs based on poems by T.Shevchenko, P.Tychyna, Ye.Malanuik, B.-I.Antonych, V.Stus, L.Kostenko, O.Zabuzhko and others.


The duo, as a professional team formed in 1986 year. Criticism qualifies creative artists as a "breath of fresh air", "cure for despair", "mystery words and music", rightly considering the duo as "the last bastion of high poetry and music in the space of modern Ukrainian song." In fact, Sisters not only among local artists use genuine poetry and act only "live" (both in acoustics and in electronics), adhering to the highest professional requirements.


From the early childhood, Lesya and Halya surrounded by poetry, music, painting - both Ukrainian and the best world samples. Their father Stanislav Telnyuk - is Ukrainian writer, literary critic, poet, translator, and their mother Nelly Kopylova - is linguist, translator of Oriental Languages, editor. The atmosphere of the poetic word, with its rhythms, colors, melodies - has become an integral and organic in shaping the ideological position of artist`s future.

The first musical compositions Sisters began creating in the 13-year-old age: rock ballads, sketches, pastels, elegies, songs for choral performance on the verses of poets-classics of Ukrainian literature.

Lesya and Halya entrusted first serious attempt to arranging their own songs to talented composer - Alexander Melnyk. This was the beginning of creative collaboration ("I stand on the cliff ..." "Do not look so friendly ..." "By psalteries ...").

Timeline, professional contacts

A year from start of professional activity Sisters became the laureates of national competition "New Names" (1987).

Awarded diplomas at the first and second festival"Chervona Ruta" (1989, 1991). The first songs were created in verse Pavlo Tychyna, whose work Stanislav Telnyuk explored.

The first festival "Chervona Ruta" - 1989. The song "Summer has flew" - lyrics by Tamara Mezentseva, music by Alexander Melnyk, performed by The Telnyuk Sisters - was the best festival song. Albums: "Moment"("Myt`"), "Lesya and Halya" and nearly a dozen songs off collections continued this creative collaboration. In those 90's, the duo`s songs and arrangements were created by the young, brilliant composer Andryj Shust ("Falcon"("Sokil"), "Belles Summer has passed ...").

Interesting songs with a new sound appeared with the advent of the creative pianist and composer Ivan Davydenko ("Take offense", "Under the rain", "Ophelia", "Next to you"). Gradually, this work with John Davydenko, joined by such talented musicians as Eugene Bortnychuk, Oleg Putyatin, Igor Sereda. The album "Silence and Thunder" started to set up with such members.

In 1997, Sisters together with guitarist Mick Taylor (ex "Rolling Stones") recorded blues song "My futile love" (Love in vain). Interestingly, this blues sounds like Ukrainian with colorful sound of bandura.

In the late 90s, to the 60 anniversary of the birth of the Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus, the program "Swinging evening broken even ..." was created; it is a series of unique performances by Raisa Nedashkivska in cooperation with the son of the poet Dmytro Stus and actress Halyna Stefanova, bard, composer Sergyi Moroz. Also, the program "On the Edge" was dedicated to the memory of the poet, was seen and heard by Canadian students. Sisters was awarded to Vasyl Stus Prize-(1998) for the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian culture.

2000-2001. A first attempt of creative collaboration with the theater. The controversial play "UBN"(Ukrainian bourgeois nationalist) was staged in Lviv Drama Zankovetska Theatre, led by Fedir Mykholajovych Strygun, Theatre Art Director, People's Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of the Shevchenko Prize. Director - Myroslav Hrynyshyn, screenwriter - Halyna Telnyuk, author of music songs to play - Lesya Telnyuk. Drama "UBN" has become a cultural and political phenomenon, successfully passed the cities of Ukraine. Interesting and original version of "UBN" is staged Lutsk Drama Theater.

For many years creative work and friendship combine the duo "Sisters Telnyuk" with the teacher in bandura Odessa State Conservatory - Nina Morozevich, who is the leader of Trio «Mallows" - Odessa State Philharmonic. This team has a repertoire of several Telnyuk Sisters songs, which successfully performs on their concerts at home and abroad.

New, original ideas connect Halya and Lesya with Ukrainian minstrel, modern master at making banduras - Roman Hrynkiv.

Sisters communicate with many people during their foreign concert tours. These are professional meetings, common performances and projects with various musicians, artists such as Americans, Canadians, and Ukrainians. Among them, the brightest are: Vasyl Popadiuk - violinist (Canada, Ukraine), Julian Kytasty - bandura (USA).

In Canada, the Telnyuk Sisters became acquainted with the artist Igor Polishchuk and within a few years there was a modern project "Above us the sky." Original, unique fusion of music, poetry and painting. A multimedia show which included pictures, songs, videos. Ten cities in America and Canada were able to see and hear this groundbreaking event.

The duo participated in many joint projects. This release audio CDs:

  • "Ukrainian lullabies"
  • "Kruty. Concert for the Angels "
  • "Festival in Montreal"
  • "Live Voice of Vasyl Stus"
  • "Kobzar".

In autumn 2008 Telnyuk Sisters together with Dmitro Stus and Roman Semysal created the project "Stusove circle" about a landmark figure in Ukrainian history, a live legend, poet, translator Vasyl Stus. It was directed by Sergyi Proskurnia.

8–17 December 2008 The Telnyuk Sisters shared with the legendary Komu Vnyz the concert tour. Program "Wind of centuries" was seen and heard in: Odesa, Kherson, Krivyj Rig, Kirovograd, Sumy, Kharkiv Dnipropetrovsk.

In 2009, the Sisters joined the "AntonychFest" - the celebration of the centenary from the birth of B.-I. Antonych, held by artists and youth organizations on a voluntary basis (without the support of government support and businessmen). In addition to performances on the concert stage festival, October 7, 2009 CD "Forever. Bohdan-Ihor Antonych " was presented. These are 5 song interpretations on Antonych poetry 'Forever', Ukrainian and French tracks, written with bands Dead Rooster, "AbыMS" and Olexandr Melnyk.

January 22, 2010 in KinoPalats was a premiere of musical film "Telnyuk: Rehearsal». Known in the West the format rehearsal (rehearsal video) was first in Ukraine involved by director Alexander Antennae in the concert program of the Sisters' Yellow Dandelion. "August 13, 2009 at a recording studio Komora Ukrainian musicians let the film crew to shoot the program "on the first take".

In March, 2010, presentation of the new Sisters album "SONMO" was held. In spring there was tour in several cities of the country, it completed a grand concert in Kyiv Operetta. Concert of the presented program took place in the city for the second time, viewers welcomed the artists while standing. Among the audience was, in particular, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko.

The Sisters have also created a number of sketches of songs based on poems by Oksana Zabuzhko.



  1. 1991 - "Myt`" (Moment)
  2. 1994 - "Halya and Lesya"
  3. 1998 - "Tysha i Grim" (Silence and Thunder)
  4. 2000 - "Live in Canada"
  5. 2001 - "U.B.N.: pisni z vystavy" (U.B.N.: songs from the play)
  6. 2003 - "Zhar-ptytsi" (Firebird)
  7. 2005 - "Vybrane 1CD" (Favorites 1CD)
  8. 2005 – "Vybrane 2CD" (Favorites 2CD)
  9. 2007 - "Zhovta Kulbaba" (Yellow Dandelion)
  10. 2008 - "Telnyuk: Nazavzhdy" (Telnyuk: Forever)
  11. 2009 – "Telnyuk: Live"
  12. 2010 – "Telnyuk: Rehearsal"
  13. 2010 - "SONMO"
  14. 2010 - "Moje sertse v Verchovyni" (My heart is in Verchovyna)
  15. 2011 – "Incrustatsiji:pisni z vystavy" (Inlay: songs from the play)
  16. 2011 - "Doroha zi skla" (The Road of Glass)