«The Trippy Trio» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Nurtured among the cow patties and corn fields of Forgottonia came the Trippy Trio to spread their compost of flatulence on an unsuspecting public. Their ranks included at various times H.M.S. Teeth, Art Valley, and c. cretin (aka The Tangerine Flash). These tinker toy salesmen insisted that their brain cramps were indeed the stuff of musical brilliance and this is their legacy, Sleeping Sickness. They site Cow Pud, Flailing Larry and the omnipresent Penny Sneaks as the musical inspiration for their inimitable brand of sonic seasonings. Here is what Ranger Rick Johnson had to say about this first offering from the talented trio: “A few words on the Trippies “music:” it’s patently unlistenable. Starting out where the most steadfastly demented moronic German bands had the sense to stop, the Trio’s noise knows no bounds, no rhythmic or melodic restraints, and no commercial potential. The pristine anti-tonal decibel harmonies of “Harmonikschwelle” are interrupted by tape-staining beer farts and junior high gross-out attempts.” “Obsolescence is timeless.” This is the only known recorded output in the short shelf life of the Trippy Trio.