«The Winter War in Tibet» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

THE WINTER WAR IN TIBET was formed in 2008 in Minsk, Belarus as a collaboration of musicians from BOGOMATER’ CVETOV (FLOWERMOTHER), URLA MAKABRA, INSUMTHINMAGMA, CHILDREN OF ISHIZUKE TREE, THE SHAPE, SANGIITA SHUNAKA and SNEZHINKI. Band’s name comes from a Friedrich Durrenmatt book.

THE WINTER WAR IN TIBET has made its debut under the name MAGICAL UNICELLULAR MUSIC XXIII at the opening of the international festival “Kamen” («Камень») in Minsk in October 2008, accompanying Japanese singer Damo Suzuki of cult German kraut-rock band CAN.

Influences: Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Circle, Faust, NEU!, Terry Riley, John Zorn, Sonic Youth.