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Thierry Condor is of Italian-German origin and grew up in Switzerland. His father was a gifted guitar player who encouraged his son’s musical career. The singer has been active in the Swiss studio- and music scene for years and has become known to a the larger public by his TV-appearances in the 90s. His latest solo album “Stuff Like That” has been released in April 2013 and contains West Coast Songs of the 80s.

Thierry Condor is married with three children and lives in Switzerland with his family.

With this current nostalgic season album “This Is Christmas” Thierry invites his fans and all West Coast Music lovers to share the most beautiful time of the year with him. The atmospheric classics by Irving Berlin, David Foster, Robbie Buchanan and others evoke chimney fire inspired nostalgia for the harmonic get-together of family and friends, and describe exactly what Thierry himself loves about Christmas.

Official Clip “Blue Looks Good On You”