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There is more than one artist named Ticket:

1) During the period of 1972, Ticket were New Zealand’s ultimate acid band.

Guitarist Eddie Hansen emerged on the music scene in a group called Revival, which also contained vocalist Craig Scott. When Craig went solo in April 1970, the Revival broke up. At that point Eddie left Christchurch and headed to Auckland. He accepted a gig with Challenge, who were in their last days, after having had a couple of successful hits. He quickly realised that he shared a common interest in the styles of music of the likes of Crazy Horse, Traffic and Jimi Hendrix, with Challenge drummer Ricky Ball. The two of them decided to form their own group, in order to be able to play their preferred style of music.

The pair looked around for some like-minded musicians to join them, and found Paul Woolright to play bass guitar and Trevor Tombleson for vocals. With this line-up, Ticket was formed in May 1970.

Line-Up: Eddie Hansen (Lead Guitar), Ricky Ball (Drums), Paul Woolright (Bass Guitar), Trevor Tombleson (Percussion / Vocals).

2) Ticket is also a mod/punk band from Nantes, France, active from 1980-1985.

3) Ticket is also a noise project by SWCHNO.