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Tony Harn is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/composer from the Northwest of England. To date he has released 5 solo albums, collaborated with Tim Bowness of No-Man, recorded as part of the duo “Resindust” with Sebastian/Vivahead guitarist Lewis Gill and led his own trio “Lifebox”.


FROM THE INSIDE - Tony Harn (THCD1 1998)

LIFEBOX - Tony Harn (THCD2 1999)

WORLD OF BRIGHT FUTURES - Tim Bowness (hi-art3 1999)

(Tony co-wrote and plays on the track “Red Eye Removal”)

MOVING MOONS- Tony Harn (THCD3 2001)

RESINDUST - Resindust (rdcd001 2002)

REVEALED IN BLACK & WHITE - Tony Harn (THCD004 2006)

LOOPS - Tony Harn (THCD005 2008)Available at www.buningshed.com