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Triangle Sun is a Russian pop/downtempo band. You can often hear their music playing on social events at restaurants and radio stations. Usually they give concerts at musical festivals, private events in private nightclubs, at the places where you can find the connoisseurs of live electronic music.


The history of the band started when Aleksandr Knyazev began with his enthusiasm for acoustic guitar, at that time he was a student of psychological faculty. His passion for music quickly went beyond love to one instrument and went further to interest in electronic music in overall. Aleksandr did not perform cover versions to famous compositions; he started writing music himself. The young composer has entrusted texts and vocal execution to vocalist-keyboard player Vadim Kapustin. And finally musician Garik Gagarin arrived to the collective and finished the formation of the band. In 2004 Triangle Sun began the ascension on a musical scene. Same year they have won the Russian festival Cafe Del Mar Lounge. Then went to Spanish coast of Ibiza to play in world famous Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza) and won there too. The Russian act was noticed by Cafe Del Mar Music label owners, who after deeper acquaintance with the creativity of the group have included the composition “Beautiful” in the thirteenth compilation. As a result, in summer 2005, Triangle Sun performed already as headliner at festival Parliament Lounge.

Thus, Triangle Sun became the first Russian band who entered series of compilations Cafe del Mar, and then also the first Russian band playing at festival Global Gathering 2007 in London.

The debut album of Triangle Sun under the name Diamond was released in September 2007 on Diamond Records. In 2009 guys have found their own musical label TSM, which specializes in musical production and promo for the band. In 2010 the collective reached and appreciable achievement by the fact that the largest world manufacturer of chocolate Mars licensed their track, called “Moments” as a sound track for the TVC of chocolate Dove on the American market. Same year managers of German division Sony music have included their composition “Diamond” in 9th vol. of Erotic lounge, among such musical collectives as Air, Tosca, Thievery corporation, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Jazzanova, Yonderboi, Blank&Jones, Groove Armada and many other well-known masters of international downtempo scene which figured throughout previous issues. The release took place in October, 2010. In 2011 French label, Wagram has included a composition “When you go forward” to the 13th volume of Buddha Bar compilation series.


Aleksandr Knyazev (founder of the project) — composer, programming, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, back vocal. Born in Moscow, 21 April 1984. In parallel writes music for television shows (“The King of the ring”, “Taffy”, “Miss Russia”) and commercials (“Beeline”, “Dove”, ”Philips”, “Panasonic’ etc.).

Vadim Kapustin — lyrics, vocal, back vocal. Born in Moscow, 19 September 1972

Garik Gagarin —booking manager. Born in Moscow, 23 August 1971, first musical band “Flower of cactus”(1988–1990), worked as an anchor on M-radio (1991–1992), second musical project was “Fomalhaut” (1990–1993), was a part of an art-group El Cosmo where executed promotion of electronic music in Russia (1994–1998), wrote an album at Moscow studio Solaris in ambient style. Part of El Cosmo Group «Maha Lakshmi Dreams» (1996–1998), art-director in restaurants “Yellow sea”, “Vision”, in club “Roof of the world” (2000–2008).


Studio albums

Year of release Title Label Country
2007 Diamond Diamond records Russia
2010 Iris World club music/ TME Russia
2011 Diamond / Iris Tyranno Germany


Year of release Compilation Label Country
2005 Good Karma. Volume 2 Langues Russia
2006 Cafe del Mar vol. 13 Cafe del Mar Music Spain
2006 Light seasons 05 Langues Russia
2007 Relax Volume 3 S.B.A./GALA Records Russia
2007 Stavedo II The Sound Of Everything Greece
2008 Klassik Lounge Werk 7 High Music Germany
2008 Wavemusic vol. 11 Wave Music Germany
2009 Klassik Lounge Summer High Music Germany
2009 Relax Volume 7 S.B.A./GALA Records Russia
2010 Huvafen Fushi Maldives by Ravin Avril Thailand
2010 Chillout after midnight Magic Records/Warner Music Group Poland
2010 Diamonds & Pearls vol.4 Tyranno Records Germany
2010 Dubaï Eklektic Avril Thailand
2010 Erotic Lounge 9 Sony Music Germany
2011 Bar Lounge Classic 2 Sony Music Germany
2011 Buddha Bar vol. 13 Wagram / George V Records France
2011 Luxury Session Ibiza Daredo Germany
2011 Ibiza Chillout Paradise Sony Music Germany
2011 A Night @ Buddha-Bar Hotel Wagram / George V Records France
2012 Public chill Wave Music Germany
2012 Siddharta, Spirit of Buddha-Bar Vol. 6 Wagram / George V Records France

Sound tracks / scoring

In 2006 was released a film “Slide”, directed by Anna Kelchevskaya, where the composition “Buddha” was chosen to be the main musical theme.
In 2012 song "When you go forward" has been licensed for feature film “Everything is simple” directed by Sonia Karpunina.

Music videos

Triangle Sun shot 2 music videos on singles from both albums. In 2011 both albums entered a global MTV and now are on air in such regions as:

  • Great Britain,
  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa

Both of the videos are also being rotated on VH1 Brazil and VIVA TV Germany and Poland.

Release: 15.01.2010

Producer: Anton Kirillov
Cut: Ivan Gaev
Color grading
Where will you go

Release: 19 September 2010

Director: (DE)
Producer: Anton Kirillov
Cut: Cutting Edge (GB)
Color grading: (DE)



  • 2007
  • 2010 Wamdue project
  • 2010
    Label: Songbird, Netherlands

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