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Trike is a 3-piece punk band from around Chicago, IL. Starting in 2003, Trike is known for energetic live shows and a distinct hardcore twist on the punk/ska genre. After putting out a DIY full length in 06’ and a new 7 song EP (These Things Dont Just Go Away) this July, Trike is now covering ground across the US to help spread their sound.

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Berlin resident TRIKE (real name STEVE BEDERSKI) is no newcomer to International Deejay Gigolos.

He has already had two previous 12”s on Gigolo; Polytron (Gigolo 26) and Country 3000 (Gigolo 43), as well as on acclaimed electronic music labels such as Bpitch Control and Sender.

TRIKE is active as a DJ and appears regularly for the repeatrepeat/Fein Raus crew at NBI. The A-side Talk Back is the lead track from TRIKEs 1999 Gigolo release Polytron 12” (Gigolo 26). The sound is unmistakeably Gigolo. A hard flat kick drum beat and incessant high-hat provide the minimal percussion groove over which a classic acid loop winds its way, distorting as it goes. The first track on Side B, a remix of Talk Back, is a funkier affair altogether. London based SERGE SANTIAGO (previously a member of RADIO SLAVE) has lent his remixing skills to TRIKEs basic track. The high hat is working double time and the grind of the bleeps is even darker and more hypnotic. A relentless hammering snare drum introduces mechanical breaks on what is a driving heavy acid house track.

SERGEs has done remixes for ARMAND VAN HELDEN, CHIKINKI, and BENT to name but a few. Track B2, Keep Away From Children is a cheeky (it even starts with a detached voice saying “watch me put on my hands on my ass”), minimal-shuffle number. This raunchy new song original from TRIKE is hard to define. Its syncopated groove and sensual vocal is enough to drive anybody wild and is, as the title suggests, only for adults. Talk Back by TRIKE is another wide Gigolo 12”. SERGE SANTIAGO proves that, contrary to popular teachings, sometimes its right to Talk Back to your elders: his mix is the perfect answer to TRIKEs kicking original. And TRIKE shows once again the music has the right to children with his new tune Keep Away From Children – the kids will love it

Trike is ALSO Trike! (http://www.last.fm/music/+noredirect/Trike!)

Synth-dance-pop from Vancouver, Canada with glockenspiel, violin, two keyboards, crazy synchronized dance moves and more. They can also be found at www.trikeaband.com and www.myspace.com/trikeaband. They are signed to Capsule Records and have toured Canada twice and Europe twice. Think: David Lynch having sex with Care Bears.

Trike is ALSO:

Trike was a Halifax based 4 piece band featuring ex-members of Quahogs. They released a self-titled 6 song EP in 1995 on Campfire Records, which was produced by Sloan’s Jay Ferguson.