«Ultradyne» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

The mysterious duo, better known as Ultradyne, has been making some of the more interesting and unique electro music to grace a turntable. Previously they have referred to their hometown of Detroit as their training ground but thats where the connection ends, this is music that does not belong to any regional pigeonhole. They have a multitude of releases since 1993, all quality, with even the strangest and most impenetrable tracks on first listen finally revealing themselves to be the diamonds in the rough they are. As for their artwork, song titles and lyrics, thats a whole other area to get lost in as with this band even a typeface could mean something. Basically, like all the best things you have to make an effort with this group. The fact that Ultradyne normally lets the music do the talking for them and are rarely unmasked has not done them any harm in the development of a strong cult following around the world. In the past they have hinted at their motivation when they spoke about their name meaning the perfect machine, but a machine of ideas whose motion is perpetuated by those who are willing to listen and obey. It is now time to listen and obey!