«Underground Unit» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Dafro is a member of the Underground Unit Group soon to be big in the near future. Dafro is a producer and specializes in all sorts of music genres such as R&B, Hip Hop/Rap, Slow Jamz, Grime, Funky House and more. Dafro is also an artist, who can Rap/MC and song write for signers. Believe this is no amateur you are looking at when it comes to music; he has been involved in the music scene for 9 years now. Dafro is now studying Music Technology at University to better his skills for future musical experience.

Silencer started as a MC at the tender age of 14. He began to attent the pirate radio stations to build up on his profile, then came to a decision he would like to become a DJ. At the still very young age of 15, he was flooding all the youth clubs and raves with his unique style of mixing. At 18 he began to produce his own music, and then at 18 he progressed onto a major pirate radio station Rinse FM. At current status, he is now producing for Underground Unit as well as producing for various artists within the Grime scene.

Redboy G started off doing music at an early stage of Secondary School. He has been around the earlier youth clubs and pirate radio stations in East London. His influence has come from Old School Garage and the early days of the Grime Scene. He enjoys music and makes tracks when he feels like it, but at the same time he is always trying to improve his musical abilities, and is trying to get himself established alongside his group Underground Unit.

Slick Nick is a unique member of Underground Unit. He is very motivated and has a great passion for music. Slick Nick is a brilliant team-worker and he is always able to voice his opinions for a track if something is wrong with it; he always shows a great deal of self confidence. He is also known for keeping listeners entertained and excited with his funny/joke-style lyrics.

Speechless, another Underground Unit member. He has been progressing as an artist since a minor age. He is a highly motivated artist with a drive in music; ready for any challenge that comes his way. He also has a strong interest in drawing which has enabled the team to retrieve some of his ideas which has helped create the official Underground Unit logo.

Styler is a Music Artist, Co-Writer and Co-Producer that is apart of the Underground Unit music group.

He is very hands on with things such as Co-Writing the groups material and actively getting involved in choreography and the creative development. Styler is always trying to keep the unique, original individuality within the group; hower he also tries to use ideas that hold tight to the groups Underground roots, but still keeping that mainstream appeal. He has made a great contribution to the group and will continue to help Co-Write and Co-Produce an extensive body of work.