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Unto Ashes is a musical ensemble based in New York City that incorporates madrigal, folk, and elements of neo-medieval and darkwave. Founded by Michael Laird and Susanna Melendez in 1997, the band has released seven full-length CDs on the Projekt label (all recorded and produced by Laird). Previous members and contributors have included Paul Ash, Kit Messick, Melody Henry, Spider Grandmother (pseudonym), Jeremy Bastard (pseudonym), Catherine Bent, and Sonne Hagal. Singer Mariko aka Sarah Newman left the band in 2008 to work with the German Qntal project and related ensembles.

In 2006, the band toured Europe with Qntal, one of their main musical influences.


Guitar (acoustic and electric), hammered dulcimer, Appalachian dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, violin, piano, keyboards, drums, percussion, cello.



  • Moon Oppose Moon (1999 · Projekt [USA])
  • Saturn Return (2001 · Projekt [USA])
  • Empty Into White (2003 · Projekt [USA] / Kalinkaland [Germany])
  • I Cover You With Blood (EP) (2003 · Projekt [USA] / Kalinkaland [Germany])
  • Grave Blessings (2005 · Projekt [USA] / Kalinkaland [Germany])
  • Songs For A Widow (2006 · Projekt [USA] / Pandaimonium [Germany])
  • The Blood Of My Lady (2009 · Projekt [USA])
  • Burials Foretold (2012 · Projekt [USA])


  • Palastinalied (2004)


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