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With her diverse collection of New Age, Electronica, and Soundtrack melodies, V Padla Gootee blends instrumental sounds such as piano, violin, and electronic elements to create music that will inspire you, touch your heart, and soothe your soul . . .

* “I Need You” won 2nd place in the Instrumental Category in the 22nd Annual Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest.

* Currently the song “I Need You” (instrumental) is featured on Cloudvision.com at http://cloudvision.com.au/uncategorized/industry-dinner-with-justin-milne/

Music has always been a part of V’s life. She has played piano since she was little girl, and she currently sings in her church choir. But only in the last five years has she discovered that creating her own music would be her calling. She enjoys composing music that evokes deep emotion and inspires her listeners. She is a composer whose genres include New Age, Electronic, and Soundtrack instrumentals.

This is my first album. The first song that I wrote was “You’re With Me” in 2007, and the last song that I composed was “Remember Me” which I wrote this summer. I don’t think I’ve settled into writing for one genre of music. I like the electronica sound but I also love classical instruments like the piano, guitar and the violin. Sometimes I like to add a beat to a classical-sounding song. I guess it depends on how I’m feeling at the time I sit at my keyboard. I hope you enjoy my music. Thank you for listening.