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Viarosa’s second full length release “Send for the Sea” is an eleven song ‘noir opera’ that more deeply reveals the mystical vision of UK vocalist-songwriter Richard Neuberg and his bandmate-companions over the past six years. They are experts in roiling guitars, bittersweet viola & screaming lap steel, among the usual rock instrumentation. Viarosa’s ability to express themselves in unique ways both lovely & grotesque earned them the fandom of REM, which asked them to open for the mega-band in Dublin at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. They have also toured & played shows with Midlake, Robyn Hitchcock, Joan As A Policewoman & Alejandro Escovedo.

“Imagine if Stuart Staples of Tindersticks was born in the mountains of West-Virginia and that, with a fascination for the 80’s wave, he started to focus on mixing this music with the roots music of his birthplace. If you think this is an interesting thought you should listen to debut Where The Killers Run (Pronoia/Tarnished). In the English press, they are described as a countrified Echo & the Bunnyman or as a cross between Cash and Cave. The music of the sextet Viarosa is dominated by the deep voice of composer/guitarist Richard Neuberg, the violin of Josh Hillman (who is also part of the Willard Grant Conspiracy) and the banjo, mandolin and lap steel of Rob McHardy. The second vocal is from Emma Seal. In the only up tempo song All This Worry (Will Soon Be Over) she is allowed to take the lead vocals. The lyrics of the 11 songs are rather dark (did I tell you it was Country Noir?) but this does not deter from the conclusion that we are talking about a small masterpiece. Where The Killers Run does not know a single weak moment. The future of Viarosa can, if they continue bringing out albums like these, be nothing else but rose-tinted. Despite the somewhat sombre tendencies of the lot.”

Hugo Vogel

Viarosa’s second album “Send for the Sea” is out now on Pronoia and Tarnished Records (US)