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Vibration Lab’s purpose is to make ‘Future Reggae’ music and spread a positive message to the Universe.


“What you are creating is the best thing I have heard in reggae for sometime. I played all the mixes you had up on SoundCloud and they blew me away. I have been a strong follower of reggae since the mid 70’s and I love the mixture of old sounds mixed with the new Dubstep kind of style you guys are producing.”

David Elvin


Vibration Lab – Vibration Creation Vol.1 EP.

I like dub, real dub that is, not wobbly dubstep. That’s not to say I don’t like dubstep, I do. I just prefer the sound of Mad Professor to Caspa. Enter Vibration Lab, from the tropical island of…Cornwall, with a seriously good EP, my favourite track on which is called ‘Waste My Time’.

It’s a perfect blend of new and old. A dub bassline with just a touch of LFO hints at dubstep but remains rootsy, whilst the perfectly balanced percussion drives it forwards and the “don’t waste my time vocal” pops up just enough to be hooky but not enough to be irritating. Wasting my time they are certainly not. 4/5


• RSD ( Rob Smith of Smith and Mighty) [ Punch Drunk Records, Tectonic Recordings] - “Really like the sounds, especially ‘Musical Crown (Dubstep Mix)”

• Radikal Guru [Dubbed Out, Moonshine Records] - “I like your production. Respect!”

• Subatomic Sound - “Give thanks. Just checked your vibes. Sound nice!”

• DJ Syte (Jim Syte) [ Owner- Open Earz Recordings] - “Easy! Feeling the rootikal styles on the productions”

• Jstar - “Wow! These tunes are POPPIN! Pure badness!!” thanks for the fatness from yourselves - gonna be droppin your ‘musical crown’ on my journeys!

• Roommate (Babylon System, OSC) [Avocaudio, King Dubbist, Argon, Subway, 10 Bag, Positive Thought] - “ABSOLUTELY KILLA!!!! Lovin the tunes man…keep up the good work!”

• Rod Azlan [Azlan Entertainment, Scion A/V, Dub Police, Mad Decent, Sub Soldiers and DJ Caspa’s MC] - “Your music is super FRESH! I am currently blasting ‘Freedom’ it’s chunky on the bass. Nuff niceness…”

• Rogue State [R8 Records] - “Feelin the dubs, ‘Musical Crown(Dubstep Mix) is very tasty indeed!”

• DJ Crises [Rinse FM-Sunshine In A Bag, Mind Step]- “Yes, yes…Big Ups and Respects…Proper feeling the vibes…Future Dub indeed…”

• Dub Gabriel [Destroy All Concepts] - “I like what I hear, much respect!”

• Max Stagger [Forward FM] - “Thanks for the amazing tunes! Really digging ‘Vibration Creation and ‘Musical Crown’…”

• Kion [Ministry Of Sound Radio, Sub Kouture] - “Like it, Like it!”

+ Vibration Lab (Vibration Lab Music) - are making some massive waves in the underground music scene at the moment! Their music can only be described as nothing less than beautiful! With influences from deep inside the dub/reggae vaults, they manipulate sounds to sculpt a futuristic, earthy and strong sound! They have just released their first EP intitled ‘Vibration Creations’. This isn’t going be the last you hear of these guys! - Organix Promotions