«Vitali T Project» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

A native of Minsk, Belarus, Vitali began his formal music training studying under guitarist Yury Dzmitrieu of the Ethno-trio Troitsa. Under Yury’s instruction, Vitali was introduced to guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, George Benson, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Al Di Meola and Gary Moore, all of whom have had a profound influence on Vitali’s playing and compositional style.

In 2004 while working at the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Vitali had a chance to meet and study with Vladimir Tkachenko, a well known Belarusian professional guitarist who is noted for his two-hand tapping technique. Vitali embraced this technique and began to incorporate it into his own style of playing. Vladimir’s influence also expanded Vitali’s musical direction by exposing him to other musicians such as Stanley Jordan, Larry Carlton, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, John Scofield, Herbie Hancock, Joe Pass and many others.

From this experience Vitali went on to study guitar and music and the university level at the Institute of Modern Knowledge from 2002-2006. During his study, Vitali was featured on Belarus national radio broadcast of The Renaissance of Guitar. It was also during this time the young guitarist was also developing his own sound, and his performing career. At that time Vitali received huge influence from great classical composers such as Antonio Vivaldi and Franz Liszt. That influence out from experimental electronic sounds to jazz, rock, and arrangements for musicals. Here is a brief list of projects:

Guitar Player for Minsk based rock group “T.S. Band” (rock);

Guitar Player and Arranger for pop-rock project “Nota Bene” (pop-rock)

Guitar player for trip’h’jazz band “Da Cynosure” (trip’n’jazz) with this group in 2004 participated in musical festivals: “Electroprotection 2” and “The Belarus Festival of Experimental Music”;

Arrangement of guitar parts and recording of the album “The Big-eyed Sleeplessness” 2004 (romances) of composer Marina Morozova, performance of this program were aired on national TV and Radio.

Arranged, Recorded guitar parts and Performed at ISZ Theatre of the Musical “Family”2004-2005;

Concert performances with jazz-rock band “Snooze” in 2005;

Guitar player for Atlanta based jazz duet “Atl City Jazz” 2007-2009;

Guitar player for Nancy Gerber jazz trio 2010;

Composer, Arranger and Guitar player for original instrumental jazz-rock band Vitali T Project; on V.Kay Studio ,NFL Produksjoner Label and Kovcheg Records 2010-now

Vitali excelled at the Institute of Modern Knowledge, and joined on as a private guitar instructor in 2005 and 2006. In April of 2006 Vitali left Belarus and came to the United States to study guitar at the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM). At AIM, Vitali excelled in all areas of the guitar curriculum and graduated with honors in 2007. In December 2009, Vitali released a single-CD “Fly Away” by Vitali T Project. And in June 2011 Vitali released his debute solo record Sides by Vitali T Project. It is based on original instrumental Rock/Fusion music. He is also a member of the jazz guitar duet, “Atlanta City Jazz”. As a faculty member for the guitar program at the Atlanta Institute of Music.