«Wraith of the Ropes» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Cadaver Dogs was formed in Hamilton, Ohio in mid-2001. Founded by Scarecrow Rottinghouse and V. Rottinghouse, they were soon joined by E.M. Hearst (who was Scarecrow’s old bandmate in the Industrial/Horror Metal band Kindergarten from 1995 to 1999.

The band’s name was changed in 2002 (after the discovery of another band with the same name) to Wraith of the Ropes. The true meaning of the name is known only to the band members themselves… and it will stay that way. The band prefers to let each individual listener’s own imagination determine the meaning.

The band was heavily influenced by Horror films and soundtracks… this was (and still is) the foundation of all the music created by the band. From the beginning, Wraith of the Ropes have strived to forge their own unique sound and genre. Uncomfortable with any other musical definition or label, Wraith of the Ropes exclusively plays “Horror Metal”.