«Wsrod Majestatu Starych Debow» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Black metal from the United States. 2004 - currently split-up.

The music deals with occultism, misanthropy and pessimism.

The band was formerly known as Judenschinder.

Current line-up:

Kurisu - Drums

Sylvanus - Guitar

Agonizer - Guitar, Bass

Jason - Drums

Tepes - Guitar

Even though the band only existed for 2 years, they have released plenty of material:

Arisches Terrormetall Demo, 2004

NiejasnoϾ Single, 2005

A Black Sorcery Demo, 2005

Warfare & Hellfire Demo, 2005

A Night of Primitive Black Metal Demo, 2006

Aryan Warmongers Split, 2006

A Night of Illness Split, 2006

Drunemeton Demo, 2006

Basement Rehearsal 03/11/06 Demo, 2006

Desolation Hymns Demo, 2006

Vastlands of Simplicity Best of/Compilation, 2006

Basement Rehearsal 04/03/2006 Demo, 2006

The Foundation of a Negative Utopia Demo, 2006

Echo of a Desolate Region Split, 2006

New Order For A New World Demo, 2006

Cinaede Demo, 2006

Looking Into Black Water Demo, 2006

Stargazing Beneath An Empty Sky Demo, 2006