«Ymir» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There are three bands called Ymir:

1. “Era al principio dei Tempi, Ymir vi dimorava”.

Ymir is a one-man ambient pagan black metal band born in Italy in January 2008 from an idea of Nartum, composer, player of all instruments, vocalist, and programmer. The idea was to recreate those cold and depressive visions of Nartum’s primordial dreams, of an ancient land where confused visions travel through a painful and melancholic awareness to be alone in their own oblivion…

The lyrics focus on Norse Mithology, Eddic Poetry, Dreams, Introspection, and Nature.


The demo, Hrimpursar, originally pressed to 100 copies, was originally available through Winter Solace, but quickly sold out. You may contact Nartum at [email protected] for more info on getting a copy of it.

2. Ymir is a one-man American black metal band from New Port Richley, Florida, formed in 1996. Ymir released a full-length in 2004 called “Forgotten by Time” and a split with EmorioR in 2008. For more info, see Metal Archives.

3. There was/is a Finnish pagan national socialist black metal band that recorded and released demos in 1998 and 2006. For more info, see Metal Archives.