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You Say Party (known as You Say Party! We Say Die! until June 2010) is a dancepunk band which formed in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada in 2004. The band consists of Becky Ninkovic (vocals), Derek Adam (guitar), Stephen O’Shea (bass) and Krista Leowen (keyboards). The band took a brief hiatus in the Spring of 2010 after drummer Devon Clifford died of a brain hemorrhage on April 18, 2010 two days after collapsing on stage during a show in Vancouver. On June 22, 2010, the band announced they had changed their name to “You Say Party” and also announced that keyboardist Krista Loewen had left the band. Two members of the band Gang Violence, Robert Andow and Bobby Siadat, would replace Leowen and Clifford. The band disbanded in 2011. In 2012, the surviving original members announced they had reunited. The band has released three albums under their former name. Hit The Floor! (2005) Lose All Time (2007) XXXX (2009) Becky Ninkovic - Lead Vocals Stephen O’Shea - Bass Guitar Derek Adam - Guitar Krista Loewen - Keyboards (left in June 2010, returned in 2012) Devon Clifford - Drums (died in April 2010) Robert Andow - Keyboards Bobby Siadat - Drums Vancouver’s resident dance-punk savants You Say Party! We Say Die! are a catalyst on the edge of a scene brimming towards explosion; hybridized, mechanized, philosophizing machines that have learned self-awareness and found their soul. Self-styled pioneers and genre-warriors alike are noticing that this is a band taking on the world on their own terms. But their relationship might have ended with late night skate park odysseys or the formation of a browbeating bicycle gang had Stephen O’Shea (bass) not overheard Becky Ninkovic (vocals) singing to herself and asked her to join the band. Time and circumstance have since streamlined You Say Party! We Say Die! into its reigning, laser guided incarnation, an anthemic,stomping, post-everything insistence that “If you are doing what you really love then life feels like a party. Don’t stop. Do it ‘till it kills you.” You Say Party! We Say Die! first inaugurated critics and indie fans alike with the release of their lauded April, 2004 EP Dansk Wad (“Dance Squad”), and have since earned respect and accolades throughout the music world by tirelessly promoting their music on two cross-Canada tours, two full North American tours and three UK/European tours. Theirs is a brand of dance punk that they’ve earned the right to definitively call their own. This perpetually dance-inducing live act is now improving the record collections of fans everywhere with the release of their debut and first full length for Vancouver-based Sound Document Recordings, Hit the Floor! (2005). The fevered sounds of a band harnessing a scene’s frenetic energy and budding influence, Hit the Floor! is a spastic, clever collision of synths, beats and melody, nostalgic for the scene’s best-respected acts while blazing its own richly diverse path. Released in September of 2005 in Canada and October 2005 in the U.S., it’s an album that explodes with surprising force while suggesting that the apex of the band’s potential is yet far off. Hit the Floor! has since gone international; it was released in Australia in August of 2006 on Shock Records, in September of 2006 in Europe on Sound Document, and December of 2006 in Japan on Get Me? Records. You Say Party! We Say Die! have also made blistering showcase appearances at South by South West – Austin Texas, The Reading Festival (Reading, UK), The Great Escape (Brighton, UK), The Hi-Fi Festival (Newcastle, UK) (Leeds, UK), Pukkelpop (Belgium), La Route du Rock (Malmo, France) and many more. In June of 2006, You Say Party! We Say Die! released a European 7” of their furious working class hymn “The Gap” on Cheesedream Records, followed in August of 2006 by a 7” double A-side of “You Did It!” and “Love in the New Millenium” on UK label Sink & Stove Records. Despite their already remarkable success, You Say Party! We Say Die! are far from finished; they have the world squarely in their sights, counting among their goals a sophomore effort as stunning as their debut, music videos, tours to Japan, China, Australia and Brazil.