«Zirrex» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Andrey Alexandrov (31) a.k.a ZIRREX is one of the pioneers of Russian psy-trance scene and one of its most unique and distinctive artists. He started making his music in 1995 strongly influenced by uprising world trance scene and top projects like Hallucinogen, Astral Projection, Cosmosis, Trancewave, Total Eclipse etc. Originally a professional guitarist he managed to combine his previous musical experience (classic rock, neo-classic rock) with latest developments in modern electronic sound, creating his own distinctive sound, which boasted to be both melodic and twisted.

Until 1999 he played on numerous parties in Russia and was considered to be one of the top projects on Russian scene and undoubtedly most recognizable one, due to his full power positive sound and remarkable energetic live sets. In 1998 he released his debut double CD “Lost In Time” album which consisted of almost all killer tracks he wrote during his 3 years of stage experience. This album was a total success in Russia and became very popular among psy-people (you can hardly find a person in Russia who’s been in trance longer than 5 years and who doesn’t have this album in his collection or at least it’s pirate copy) The secret of success was surely in uniqueness and quality of his music - i bet there was no cd more powerful and stunning on local scene in 1998 than any of 2 CD’s of “Lost In Time”. Unfortunately this release didn’t came outside of Russia due to releasing label’s bankruptcy and plenty of distribution and financial problems.

In 1999 Zirrex took a long rest after 4 years being in trance…

And now HE IS BACK on stage and ready to blast your heads off your shoulders with his absolutely fresh and up to date sound, the result of his vast experience in music and raw energy taken from outer galaxies both precisely combined and mastered in his studio - be prepared, you were warned!

He returned to making music in 2003 after 4 years of rest and experience in different spheres and spent numerous hours in studio to create his brand new sound, which is now as unique and up to date as it was earlier in his career. And now he is ready to present it to the whole world on long awaited second album.

The origin of his music is 140-144 bpm strong, dancefloor-oriented full-on psytrance with developing uplifting tunes and emerging progressive sounds, strongly influenced by Infected Mushroom, Sub6 and alike. But still it’s unique - its absolutely different from Russian dark style and still it’s not an ordinary Israeli full-on music… its special. His music is rich, full of complex feelings and colors - true delight for an experienced listener and a total blast on the dancefloor.

Some of his new tracks appear to be more experimental than usual ones, consisting of tribal and live rock guitar elements, vocals and Shpongle-like inventive percussions and sonic manipulations “Magic Colors”, “Rock Box”. Some are pure dancefloor killers with strong kicking grooves and developing sounds “Nuclear Fusion”, “Ritual Dance”, some sound more complex, progressive and melodic “Solar System - Part 1 & 2” but still very effective on the dancefloor. Some tracks are a total surprise, combining original psychedelic style with 120 bpm house and techno elements “Electro Nation” or somewhat horror movie soundtrack-like ambient experience “Code 28”.