«Against All Authority» - «The Corporate Takeover»

The Corporate Takeover
Can't you see, you're not free
you ain't never gonna be
I'm not gonna bend to fit society
I'm not gonna remove what's deep inside of me
money's your god its got no hold on me
a puppet on a string is all you're ever gonna be
they're gonna destroy what we worked so hard to create
a subculture of consciousness againts a bourgeis society state
a slave, I never want to be a part of your society
can't you see you're not free
you ain't never gonna be
punk's not dead, it never will be
if we keep the corporate shit out of the scenery
your money, your suit, your tie doesn't impress me
the media's corrupting the scene, but they can't touch me
keep punk pure, keep punk true, beat your ass in,
your black and blue take your money, shove it up your ass,
ain't sellin' punk for cash alternatives big,
corrupting the scene, major labels makin green
i ain't gonna sell it, i ain't gonna buy it
as long as their in the scene, i'm gonna fight it
don't support the bands that sell it,
they think their shit don' stink, i smell it
bullet in their head is what they need
time to take back the scene that we made
rise up, wise up don't let the scene fade