«Asian Dub Foundation» - «Change»

Look through the square or round window
Now a change gonna come
Whether you come by bus or underground
Still a change gonna come
If you're north or if you're south
You know a change gonna come
Whether by fax or word of mouth
Still a change a gonna come

Meters peaking
Truth is leaking out into the sticks
Too late no turning back now
Because the switches have been flicked
Goal posts moving
Sign posts pointing you the wrong way
They're screwing up
You're queuing up
Come back another day

If you're old or if you're young
You know a change gonna come
No matter where you come from
What colour black, white or brown
Government plan
Mash up in a Britain
Criminal justice bill me bawl
Where they get it from ?
Them can't understand
Just want to build up tension

But just watch the future
Because a change a gonna come
ADF is here to show you how it should be done
And we know that this style is identical to none
Yeah !
Bureaucrat and fat cat
Too long they've had their way
A breeze of sleaze coming to blow them away
Satellites crashing down on India
We say no way

ADF broadcasting
We no ramp
We no play
We get mad !
What them a say
WHat them a chat about
This is reality man
You can't run ADF out
What them a do what them a talk about
All you politician a run up your mouth
Man you give me joke .....