«Kritickill» - «Chance To Speak»

Chance To Speak
It's up to us
There's noone left

Dig greed from rotten seeds
That they plant for me
Make sure to soak and weed
What they want to be
Caution by the things
They will not let me see
Break my back
Everytime I try to bend and reach

I reach beyond my hands
I reach beyond my life
Life, Life was given to me
Not for you to meddle and preach
Try to fly
They clipped my wings
Before I had a chance to speak

Break my concentration
With the crack of the whip
Breaking backs of the men
Who have already sinned
Teaching lessons
To all those who are watching
In making Damn sure you notice
Thats just how life is

That's just how life is
That's not how life is
Talk about the things that are troubling me
And get back to the way things should be in life