«Kritickill» - «Enlighten Me»

Enlighten Me
The Light was so bright
It blinded me
It's like nothing
I've ever seen before
It's everything
I know there's so much I've never seen
Oh won't you help me
Open up my eyes
Enlighten me

Shackled and chained in his own mind
A victim of
Passionate thoughts
About suicide
You fall
Thank about what you said
You need to listen to yourself
You're crying out
For someone's help
It's not too late to change your mind
It's never too late to begin life

He thinks he's perfect in his own mind
You're coming down
To face the Reality of this life
You fall
Think about what you wront
Down in your little book of lies
And all the bad things you have rehearsed
It's all coming back to you now
It always comes back to you somehow