«Les Savy Fav» - «Je T'Aime»

Je T'Aime
Sad story; second chapter,
Where the miser lost it all.
Dressed in rags, coloured purple.
Big man took a great big fall.
(for what?)

Skips work and gets fired.
Got sort of back to where he was before.
Red faced and red handed.
He got caught when he went for more.
You scratched that,
Now you have to put it back.
Hang up fast
Because the line's been tapped.

In the kitchen washing dishes,
Don't you ever, ever say my name.
If you wanna front, front, front
Then don't turn away.
Hell now,
There's only one way out.
When our hands touch underwater,
I'm as sharp as broken glass.
Hell now,
There's only one way out.

Secret message never found
In the ribcage on the way down.
Back at home the sacred sisters all pray that the king will come clean.
Back at home the scared sisters can't laugh because they're alone.

Obligations are so passé.
Obligations cast away.
Je t'aime.