«Nas & Damian Marley» - «Nah Mean»

Nah Mean
Tougher than concrete, eh boy
Go labbajuice, watch ya, check it! Boom
You nah mean

[Verse One]
Mi dip out a whole fourteen, nah mean
And reload man extra magazine, nah mean
A wounded them housin' scheme, nah mean
Nuff a dem a move sideways and lean, nah mean

Can't come bout when man deh in, nah mean
We nuh like dem colonial regime, nah mean
Ethiopian nuh like Mussoline, nah mean
Mi Queen hafi rock and come in, nah mean

And jump pon mi big trampoline, nah mean
And boost up her self-esteem, nah mean
Nuff a wonder how man kitchen so clean, nah mean
And which recipe dat a steam, nah mean

The lyrics dem a flow like a stream, nah mean
Mek you feel like you livin' in a dream, nah mean
It come to the crop man a cream, nah mean
It come to discipline man a Dean, nah mean

Mi tougher than a Hummer limousine, nah mean
We steppin', we fresh and we clean, nah mean
I burn the stinkest of green, nah mean
Better listen up careful and keen, nah mean

A Puppa Nas a rock and come in... nah mean

[Verse Two]
We celebrate like I finished probation, boy boy
Notty Head with no chaser, boy boy
From the mouth I can spit out a razor, boy boy
Open up your facial like your boy Roy

In his prime, eat food, dinnertime, Jr. Gong
Pass the Guinness, handle business, Black Velvet sippers
Females never bid us farewell, they with us
Cause we arrive on the scene just like a high beam, nah mean

Don't let us have to make the 9 scream, nah mean
At your racial, Policing Regime, nah mean
Spiritual like a Elohim, nah mean
In a casino or a yacht wherever I'm seen

My brothers and sisters are never forgot, nah mean
Don't wanna hear another soldier drop, nah mean
Another dope addict get shot with the morphine
And Feds are indictin' my block, nah mean

They're wearin' Red from they shoes to they top, nah mean
I'm wishin' that all the violence would stop, nah mean

[Verse Three]
We nuh like the sound of siren, nah mean
And some boy soft like ice cream, nah mean
From a boy mek the Feds intervene, nah mean
We send a boy go tek intravene, nah mean

Parabellum dem a itch up inna spleen, nah mean
Inna Queens Gunman reign Supreme, nah mean
Kingstonians are real blood fiends, nah mean
The world is a big crime scene, nah mean

[Bridge 2x]
Mr. President
What you doin' for my residence?
Mr. Minister
Why you bein' sinister?

[Verse Four]
Se Man a di real Buffalo inna Rastafari Regime
Bush Bungalow is where mi dwell with mi Queen
Trash to the bone down inna camouflage green
Nuff a dem that can't go the places we been

Nuff a dem that can't see the sights whe we seen
That's why them face all a twist up and a lean, nah mean
Dem better mine we kick it off clean, nah mean
Man a Gangster just like Gambine, dat mean

Dem can't serve Congo Dread court supine, nah mean
A who you want come in convene, nah mean
Attorney have to rock and come in, nah mean
Mi pocket dem green like spurlene, nah mean

Mi regular fly out and fly in, nah mean
The stadium pack like sardine, nah mean
Can't catch mi speed a fassy hole need caffeine, nah mean
Run out a breath and antihistamine, nah mean

Wash over gold dem come in like Listerine, nah mean
You think a lie we badder than Al Pacine, nah mean

It's Genocide, it's a Genocide
It's a Genocide, it's Genocide

5th Floor cookin' raw had my own supply
Cause of capitalist ways that was back in the days
So now I do rap and it pays...