«The Cars» - «Drag On Forever»

Drag On Forever
I felt the pressure and I passed it off
I heard your glockenspiel pounding soft
I climbed on top of you, you said get off
Must this drag on forever?

I tripped and stumbled in the dead of the night
Flashing my endless stream of Kryptonite
I lit my brain with rainbow Crystal Lite
Must this drag on forever?

Then things go so quiet
Like I should not be here
You said I had to try it
Don't let me interfere
Just get me out of here
Please, help me out here

Your waxy face is melting on your lap
I sat there trying to crush a ginger snap
Your scream was sounding like a thunderclap
Must this drag on forever?

Your coconut windows hid the light so well
Your tesimony put me in a spell
You look so wasted that I could not tell
Must this drag on forever?