«The John Butler Trio» - «Bound to Ramble»

Bound to Ramble
I walk for miles.
Circumnavigate these lands.
Walking blindly,
Holding out my hands.
And I pass the stones
That remind me why I'm here.
I follow the setting sun
And you were there.

Don't you see what she done to me.
I was running blind but now I can be
And if theres just one sign
Hell you know I can see.
Girl I was ment for you,
You were ment for me ,
Her teachings in everyday
And boy I know she ain't preaching
But I feel the need to pray.

She like the ocean size
Pounding on my shores.
Knocking down my walls ,
opening up all my doors.

I'm Bound to Ramble
All my days with another…